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We are a company dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of cheese and dairy products, as well as the import and marketing of European gourmet products. We are located in Miami and PAISA belong to the business group , with nearly 60 years of operations in Venezuela .  


We have a strong brand positioning in the category of Queso Blanco in southern Florida ( Counties : West Palm Beach , Broward and Miami - Dade ), also distributed to customers in Tampa / Orlando, DCMA Washington , Atlanta and Dallas in USA and exported to the Caribbean and Central America.



Nearly 60 years of operations in the country . Cheese producer in Venezuela . 90% market share in pasteurized Queso Blanco , undisputed leading position in the category. The PAISA brand has a 91.4 % spontaneous recall , surpassing even KRAFT ( 79.4 % )



On October 14, 1956 , Pasteurizadora Táchira was founded with 2 employees, 14 workers and a capital of VEB . 700,000 , in the city of San Cristobal, Tachira . His goal was the marketing of milk cartons . As the market grew , the founders decided to start production of different types of cheese brand " El Paisa ".


Later, other products such as butter, cream and ricotta were developed , among others.   In 1970 , Paisa entered the market of fruit juices , strategically , a giant fruit juice in Venezuela partnership with Africa. line of juices and drinks under the brand TACHIRA then commercialized.


In 1977 , the company launches a pasteurized drink without gas , contained in plastic bags was named " Polito " By 1981 , 20 million liters of milk were processed for the production of cheese and about 26 million liters were sold from pasteurized milk in cartons .  


Today , PAISA has more than 1,000 employees and produces many types of cheese, yogurt , butter, caramel ( dulce de leche) , juices , pasteurized milk, tea and chocolate flavored milk , among others.   


PAISA , which has always been synonymous with quality and traditional flavors Venezuelans today is valued by consumers , without distinction of nationality, our products are in the support and confidence of a brand that has gone beyond its origins in Venezuela .



Phone: (305) 592 1717 | Fax: (305) 592 1297 | Email:


Address: 7921 NW 21st. St. Doral, Fl 33122


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